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Here's a new weapon I added to my Juggernaut Quest.

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1885 days ago

Here's a new weapon I added to my Juggernaut Quest.


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PsycoreGZ 1873 days ago


circisLOC 1875 days ago

mey i have this as a armor,cape.pet,helm and sword

Viper_AE 1876 days ago

Can I suggest bringing more orbs and their quests?

cekateur22 1878 days ago


cekateur22 1878 days ago

so nulgath i propose to make armor with this weapon : the name: overfiend of nulgath this is good idea

NichiforRomeo 1878 days ago

You have right man. I've done with all but now i must farm for gems. Waste of Time :(

SimplyAwsum 1879 days ago

Um, no.
I don't like it. But that's just me. Please don't antagonize me for my opinion because it's not going to change.
Also, adding gems to the Juggernaut items quest was really, really annoying. I wanted ungodly, but the gems are going to make it im

DarkonDrago 1879 days ago

This is really cool, and I really mean it. I really like the design on the blade part. It's really good.

MightyBlackLion 1881 days ago

lol what nulgathfan u dont have good taste i think it looks cool

Emmanjandusay12 1881 days ago

is it color custom??

Emmanjandusay12 1881 days ago

hey nulgath this is non mem right???

NulgathFan 1882 days ago

I find the sword kind of ugly with nothing to match it, and I was wondering if you will be releasing other Nulgath inspired juggernaut items anytime soon (armors, helms. capes etc)? Thanks!

CronixAE 1882 days ago

Did u see that http://twitpic.com/546hda ? did a great job and what u think about my version of yours design http://twitpic.com/55kkii Check this out I want to know your opinion

Helgigas 1882 days ago

i dont find it an item to get sadly,though i think if it were to go rare,its value were to go up :L

veneeria 1882 days ago


Ginomariee 1882 days ago

http://twitpic.com/55iqfz add to juggernaut quest please!!

Quint_thayer 1882 days ago

now they aren't enough how about an armor? or sumthing

Cowctus 1882 days ago

suuuure if leach blade, phoenix blade, champion blade and other stuff aint enough yet, larve has only 1 quest D:

Quint_thayer 1882 days ago

like add new quests to us Oblivion Blade of Nulgath owners?

Cowctus 1882 days ago

well yeah but what about the people who dont want to get that much stuff for an item, I mean its okay that he updates juggernaut much but he could at least add some new easier quests with also nice rewards less nice then juggernaut but also nic