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memories of a run on the treadmill

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1645 days ago

memories of a run on the treadmill


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DannySkarka 1619 days ago

Hopefully you have an iPad with a good movie playing?

dm112 1621 days ago

Do you have a pool up

dm112 1621 days ago

I ran a long time ago, I neglected my body and mind as well. You woke up in me, I would like to run.

PC0101 1629 days ago

Correct. Pics on the wall show Yuri Gagarin (left) and Konstantin Tsiolkovski (right).

micwave 1641 days ago

... and the pope was there too ? (left His Holy Cross)
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hea38 1644 days ago

It is fascinating all the pics on the wall.. all the great and the good.. does blue tack work in space?

colinbirrell 1644 days ago

I'm guessing from the interior design, this is one of the Russian Modules?

PC0101 1644 days ago

With straps tying down to keep you from floating. Marathon in space …. ;-)))

NamikoF 1645 days ago

May 29, 2011 14:46 JST " runner;"