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Four hours to pick 15 lbs of late harvest peas!  Now, who wants to come over and help me shell 'em?

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1823 days ago

Four hours to pick 15 lbs of late harvest peas! Now, who wants to come over and help me shell 'em?


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AngelDevil1166 1818 days ago

Nice scale :D

dawnnlp 1820 days ago

I'll fly, if you buy and i'll work for free. We native american's love wine more. hahaha

FC_CharlieSheen 1821 days ago

Oops, coming late .. You are now collected and frozen :)

hssullyz33 1821 days ago

would love to be sitting out in the middle of nowhere doing that again- awesome

Maureen_Jacobs 1821 days ago


Ghost_Hunt_GAC 1822 days ago

wow those Peas look nice :) kudos to your growing

earthskymoonsta 1822 days ago

is that for the green giant

Mauilisa49 1822 days ago

Need a ticket from Maui...#BTW Your Peas look Fabulous@@@

Evuszka 1822 days ago

wow :)) so everybody want`s to help you why not me??

rockinCali 1822 days ago

Wow...bet they're delicious!

palomasimne 1822 days ago

ok I'll be there in about, 8 hours, have to go to the airport but I'll be there :)

faecatt 1822 days ago


leslieivarson 1822 days ago

I would ALWAYS be able to help shell peas - especially these beauties. DAMN.

MishSmurf 1822 days ago

Why did the tomato blush? Because it saw Mr Green Pea over the fence...yeah, yeah I know terrible joke!! ;) Oh and hope the 'shelling' went ok ;)

Lennonlives23 1822 days ago

How much u pay?

DeniseKC44 1822 days ago

On my way!!!

MHaladay 1822 days ago

but I would help for a glass of wine and a salad :)

MHaladay 1822 days ago

The more help a person has in his garden, the less it belongs to him.
W. H. Davies...

cleskelund73 1822 days ago

I would in a heartbeat if you were still working on them when I got there. Enjoy they look great!

ScarPhantom 1822 days ago

Yo! Yo! Me! Me!