Zachary Levi


And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

I'm gonna win me one of these some day. You just watch!

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1951 days ago

I'm gonna win me one of these some day. You just watch!


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LysnK2 1947 days ago

Lose the goatee. It looks like a cross between Flynn Rider and my high school math teacher.

SuperNerdTamiaL 1948 days ago

And I'm gonna win me a guy just like him :)

JesusMySavior95 1949 days ago

Oh man, the Borg Warner trophy! You are one lucky dude!

mikeylol69 1949 days ago

that goatee is EPIC (because mine looks exactly the same XD) and nice trophy

13cheryl 1950 days ago

I'll go for the look like Morgan with that hair!: but still love you..haha

mschufAUS 1950 days ago

still pulling the ALF hair LOL too funny,is that a cup ur next to or u just happy to see me haha

extreamkiwi 1950 days ago

wow that HUGE!!!the trophy even almost the same height as you are

AyeletGil 1950 days ago

Zack dear..I'm sorry but your beard looks like a goat's beard, but we still love you

MiaKinez 1950 days ago

O Zack....shave the beard dude...and i'm saying this as a friend

Emine_al 1950 days ago

sorry but with this new hairdo your head is looking like an onion

realellu 1950 days ago

ur beard is sooo nott awesome :pp ;))

Nightmare_Joe 1950 days ago

What is Gomez doing here? :D

hvqueen 1950 days ago

lol...i saw this yesterday on my phone and thought it was a huge coffee maker. yeah, i'm silly.

Marwah_Waheeb 1950 days ago

keep your eyes on it :D , and you gonna win inshallah

AnastasiiaRichi 1950 days ago

what's wrong with your chin man?! Geeee, u better without hair on it:)

audacious_lass 1951 days ago

your hair looks ridiculous...just like your acting :/

CeekBird 1951 days ago

You could always try to win it at a poker game from the previous winner. ;-)

WhatIsASpacebar 1951 days ago

Gee, it kind of smacks you in the face with its subtle craftsmanship.

Darthmadonna 1951 days ago

I feel a little awkward. My beloved goofy Chuck is looking smoking hot.

Amalia5o 1951 days ago

Seriously cool trophy. If you can dream you can achieve it, better get practicing bud!