Grill raw duck slices Korean BBQ style, at Sun Ha Jang, 3 types: Spicy, Unseasoned & Roast (uncooked) $23.99. Pickled veggie sides & fresh veggies of Daikon Radish, Garlic Cloves & Marinated Onion for grilling. Very oily Duck Fat Fried Rice w/ Scallions, Radish Kimchi & Sesame Seeds to finish - good? $59.99 Beef grilling orgy for 3, includes beer: Rib Eye, Short Rib, Sirloin, Tongue, Brisket, Intestine. Single meat grilling: Intestine or Pork Belly $16.99; Black Pork Belly $17.99; Pork Shoulder Loin, Brisket or Tongue $18.99; BBQ Beef $20.99; Sirloin or Soksalgooe $23.99; Short Rib or Mixed $24.99 Korean wines $7.50 - $11.99, Beer $6.50. In mini-mall on Olympic Blvd.