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"You reap what you sow."  I sowed some lettuce seeds a couple of months ago and....

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1642 days ago

"You reap what you sow." I sowed some lettuce seeds a couple of months ago and....


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Gumshooed 1590 days ago

I am so amazed at how awesome your stuff looks! Where do the seeds come from? I always thow the core away if that is where they are.

HelenKyri 1618 days ago

U definatly have a green thumb.U have found your calling Farmer Estevez.Enjoy the fruits of ur farm

MargraveArtS 1629 days ago

Did you leave the roots in? :) I'm sure you did. ;) I'm not getting that much ... but a few leaves.

ddsnorth 1640 days ago

ohhh nice!! Gosh i miss gardening so much; i used to make awesome beets, bread & butter & dill pickles, jams, jellies!!

earthskymoonsta 1640 days ago

crisp&fresh just like you.

jmeerai 1641 days ago

Awesome!! It always tastes better grown @ home!!

thethinwhtduke 1641 days ago

some wilted lettuce salad would be lovely!

TameTheDrew 1641 days ago

A vineyard, a garden, do I smell a juicy new restaurant? Any cheese making to go with the wine?

MelissaDivers4 1641 days ago

Cool! Good job, Emilio!

Megjac 1641 days ago

Those are lovely. Good work!

AZahradnick 1641 days ago

I planted rose bushes around my house, but with no rain in TX I don't think they are gonna grow.

happy1kh 1642 days ago

Lettuce extravaganza!! Lettuce is having a party in your garden whoot! whoot!!

The_Magic_Missy 1642 days ago


Inside_Mgmt 1642 days ago

Looks like my faves red leaf and romaine, time for salad! Hey did you know lettuce contains Lactucarium (“Lettuce Opium”) which is a mild opiate-like substance? Enjoy! A bit of trivia ;)

DeniseKC44 1642 days ago

Very nice, well done!!

jackiebluegirl 1642 days ago

Congratulations Emilio! As always brilliant work~!

SPCWrite 1642 days ago

Very cool! we don't get to grow that up here!

stylemarcia 1642 days ago

Hi Emilio! Any chance to watch "The Way" at the Rio Film Festival in September?

ChefGrimsley 1642 days ago

Tried this with what I was TOLD was money tree seeds...I got nothing though

stylemarcia 1642 days ago

They should be crunchy!