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...for the heart is an organ of fire...

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Drunk on shadows and lost in life
Killing ourselves one kiss at a time

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1153 days ago

Drunk on shadows and lost in life
Killing ourselves one kiss at a time


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iamonbattery 1124 days ago

like angel

HIM_POLAND 1144 days ago

It's a song from Finnish band #HIM - Drunk On Shadows from DARK LIGHT 5th #HIM album, I love #VilleValo voice, Heartagram love from POLAND!!!

October_Lee 1148 days ago

Lost in a lie

corinacasualtie 1149 days ago

reminds me of an angle

wildcatrx 1149 days ago


keeleybobz 1151 days ago

thats ace :)

MidnightSinxx 1151 days ago

pretty, angelic like :)

MauricioFZnuff 1152 days ago

It looks like an angel ♥

LegendaryTony0 1152 days ago


Patti_Gold 1152 days ago

Beautiful !

nightmares_lady 1152 days ago

Cool picture! =D jklghifjk H.I.M!!! love that song *-*

katvondworld 1152 days ago

wooow... amazing!!!!!!

deicidedeicide 1152 days ago

amazing... vision u have

bhagyeshhaval 1152 days ago

I SEe An AnGeL*...♥

HisSacrament 1152 days ago

I love when you quote my favorite band. Beautiful picture. :)

SherryGoldstein 1153 days ago

The unforseen kiss of death! Beautiful....

xdopamine 1153 days ago

people under my mnesion just making good, braveheeart people ,i don;t htink so . iknoow real world and real friends, sorry for be real

xdopamine 1153 days ago

Stop mention these thinghs.you, me , everyone live for only one -die one time. you were rocker,punker and can/t be 2nd voltaire or so ..........

Oddwhims 1153 days ago

What a great idea for a photo!

Ghotic_Cherry 1153 days ago