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Same idea.  Sans intel. Still badass.... and Still Irish.

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1827 days ago

Same idea. Sans intel. Still badass.... and Still Irish.


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AngelaEstevez1 1656 days ago

Irish Pride Cousin

panapepe1965 1677 days ago

...and your Galician passport?.

Manchini666 1736 days ago

Harp+Eagle=Harpy :-)

Evuszka 1826 days ago


sportjunkie1 1826 days ago

Always keep the irish close to your heart,and your never alone.

MyArtisticHome 1826 days ago

The best part about my Irish grandma was the funny things she would say. Best part about my Mexican grandpa was the funny things he would say :)

earthskymoonsta 1826 days ago

way cool badass

faecatt 1827 days ago

im a mutt moms irish/scott german polish father is itaillan . i must be insane lol

BjarkeHolm 1827 days ago

Part Irish too. And just as with 'Estevez' my name don't spell that out. Thankyou for the follow!

cleskelund73 1827 days ago

Show them both proud! you are young. Great photo. Show your Irish pride!

JamieLyle 1827 days ago

Yes, but sweetie, you've got to erase the "other one". We can still see the intel;-)

mattandkirsten 1827 days ago

(google state of origin, Aussie NRL Football, the best game in the world...!)

mattandkirsten 1827 days ago

State of origin...!! Blue's vs Maroons, GO QUEENSLAND MAROONS, we won the first game, 2 to go..!

meraki85 1827 days ago

Awesome.. :D

MomsThoughts 1827 days ago

Do you have dual citizenship?? That is so cool! xoxo

jackiebluegirl 1827 days ago

I have never been inspired to do anything in my life until I saw the trailer for "The Way"

hitzavel 1827 days ago

I think I'm not getting the passport thing!