Damon Lindelof


Yeah, I'm one of the idiots behind LOST. And no, I don't understand it either.

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1953 days ago


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BigEyedMisha 1938 days ago

OMG you got Damon Carlton and Polarbear playing scrabble. I wondered who ended up with the last velvet paintings. and great plank you're doing

handmadehightec 1941 days ago

A Damon, a Carlton, and a Polar Bear are peeking at me.

handmadehightec 1941 days ago

Impressive core strength you've got there,

iamplanking 1950 days ago

Add your picture to iamplanking.com to get international rating ;-)

flickafaida 1951 days ago

Ha Ha Ha! Great plank!

iMuncky 1952 days ago


Tivochick 1952 days ago

This is the hippest photo I have seen in a long time. Damon is the plankmeister! #Lost

GabiCZ 1952 days ago


MsFlipper 1952 days ago

omg Are you playing The Lying Down game? Let's see what else you've got! ;)

lostdogs20 1952 days ago

Damon FTW!!!! Btw nice table. #LOST #WEHAVETOGOBACK

KissabiX 1953 days ago

i forgot about the lying down game....

NickCullum24 1953 days ago


CesarMurilos 1953 days ago


Eaneyae 1953 days ago


HappyPaulTimes 1953 days ago

Poor Desmond is going to have a face full of crotch when he comes out of this

LOST_4815162342 1953 days ago

I hope whoever bought Jughead at the auction is inspired by this ridiculously funny picture

ChayaSorah 1953 days ago

making this my computer backround. is that weird?

MichaelLerch23 1953 days ago

..uuuh..Evie envy..??

Nofy_is_so_cool 1953 days ago

It's crazy_ and I like it.

donnagow 1953 days ago

awesome coffee table