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I love this @zachgalifianakis and @edwardhelms billboard so, so much.

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1500 days ago

I love this s and billboard so, so much.


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Teatohtaler 1403 days ago

People who usually rent plants, are paying for the maintaining of them and the plants get changed every so often as well.

porim 1497 days ago

awhnn,i love this too!

CarpeNutella 1500 days ago

You can rent plants for any type of film or TV shoot, and also if you are staging real estate, store displays, etc. Why is this hard to understand? It's LA.

FlightLineGuy 1500 days ago

Are plant rentals legal in Ohio? I have one plant in mind...is it possession, if you are just "renting" the plant?

luckgustavo 1500 days ago

Tem que ter vários pôsters de HP assim, nas maiores cidades.

inacalicodress 1500 days ago

one can rent plants?

ABridge1987 1500 days ago

i cant wait till this movie comes out in the uk!

Ruubikon 1500 days ago

Who the fuck rents plants?

ZedSe7en 1500 days ago

lol ed helms is hilarious.

ClareSP 1500 days ago

cant wait to see this movie!! comes out tomorrow in the UK!!

Mic_Killa 1500 days ago

Lol... plant rentals...