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I call this Amish in LA.....

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2550 days ago

I call this Amish in LA.....


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butterballs_mc 2474 days ago

he's living the 1800's only now its 2009... back from the past and heres to the future ? haha

chaoseeker 2512 days ago

not Amish, this guy lives in my neighborhood. Can't think of his name tho...

shelbymorell 2524 days ago

lol wow "eveeveeve", joel can take a picture of whoever he fucking wants to, he's joel madden. made bitch.

jemmacitylights 2550 days ago

I love how people get so upset over a photo.

lol, nice work.

EveMarie3 2550 days ago

Kinda rude and dickish to take a pic of someone who doesn't know. Original style is badass, you wouldn't know, clearly.

KierstynArianna 2550 days ago

oh my goodness. I thought the amish only lived in PA.. and other weird states lol

Allgood72 2550 days ago

Too hilarious man!

loverelapse 2550 days ago

That's awesome. Sometimes I miss L.A.

samykins80 2550 days ago

oooh i know what it is..... a blonde headed dude with a blue cap on !!!! hahahahaa..... sorry if thats one of your mates.... it was quite a conversation starter.....hahahahah

samykins80 2550 days ago

is he seriously wearing overalls ? hehehe....and like the comment earlier....whats with the person/animal to the right with the fur and a a waistcoat???? hhmmmmmm interesting sorts.......

MusicCrazed 2550 days ago

hahahaha----this is messed up but funny!

careymcduffy 2550 days ago

hahahahhhh kickin it old style i guess only livin back then when really your here noww.

Chitownloon 2550 days ago

Big pimpin spendin g's.......

xYelyaHayleYx 2550 days ago

girl's hair i meant*** haha xD

xYelyaHayleYx 2550 days ago

HAHA IT DOES! but i think its a girl girl with a bandana over it? i dunno xD

lisamjm 2550 days ago

dorsn't matter what you call it, it's just a little wrong.

nickie14 2550 days ago

lmao love it!!

brinnaroo 2550 days ago

too funny

Molly_Burkhardt 2550 days ago

im assuming he didnt know he was being photographed? haha nice :)

BrokenxCandy 2550 days ago

That's awesome.