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Here's a quick snap of our new apartment. We'll post a video on it one day :D

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1832 days ago

Here's a quick snap of our new apartment. We'll post a video on it one day :D


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luciana_san 1828 days ago

looks bigger than the other ^^

RizkyKristianti 1830 days ago

whut? no more ghetto electro??? shazam!!

UKISS_NO1FAN 1830 days ago

WOW! It's more spacious.

DevyLee 1830 days ago

It looks so nice! Maybe you can take us on a tour in your new apartment in one of your vids? (:

kpoproxsmysoxs 1831 days ago

So much more space and it looks awesome! ^-^

krtastic 1831 days ago

Counter space, glorious counter space....SO JEALOUS

angelicad7 1831 days ago

Omg! You guys actually have a kitcken!! Congrats =D

its_jahn 1831 days ago

Nice! Can't wait to see it in your videos! :)

FlowerFight06 1831 days ago

It's so much bigger! I bet you're enjoying all the space!

Gamer0302 1831 days ago

WOW!!! It's so much bigger!!

molanne 1831 days ago

Looks more modern =) I like the floor decoration.

Niniful 1831 days ago

*Can't tell the difference*

samanthafevrier 1831 days ago

You guys are moving on up!

drixu 1831 days ago

Wow! It looks huge compared with the other one!! It looks so cool!!

lovelyaiko 1831 days ago

.... SPACE! You two have space! xD yeeyyyy~~

Libberr 1831 days ago

Wow it's so much bigger. Congrats!! Can't wait for your videos!

v_gonsalez 1831 days ago

the new apartment looks adorable! good luck on it!!!! ^_~

bleached_brain 1831 days ago

it looks cool! I'm curious to see the new background for music mondays XD

okosiarka 1831 days ago

I don't want Music Mondays to be recorded somewhere else D: It'll be so.. different D:

peacemaker978 1832 days ago

lol is simon trying to be ulzzang???? cool apartment btw. i wanna live in KOREA too!!!