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Hey, you! Play more games! Now!

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1158 days ago


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frostthejack 920 days ago

love my play cant wait for survival mode on minecraft mobile

dungan123 1059 days ago


luchofito 1062 days ago

ooohh notch i need a xperia play xd

PYRETTA 1109 days ago

it diferint

Fermonx 1129 days ago

Nice trolling u got there Hawker 1 fell on it xd

Nmb910 1145 days ago

PSP is sony genius.

coxy938 1149 days ago

will it come out for iphone/ipod touch

PlasticDisc 1153 days ago

That is'nt PSP microsoft fag!

Hawker18PPain 1154 days ago

great minecraft on psp ;)

Trippin2323 1154 days ago

Great work I cant wait to see which platforms this is coming out on! Hopefully andriod as its in java too

ErstmalSurfen 1155 days ago

Should be compatible with Android... awwww yeaaahh. :D

GhostInWar 1157 days ago

Nevermind, just found out its the Xperia Play :(

GhostInWar 1157 days ago

Its made just for the Xperia?!? What is it called! And cant wait for minecraft on my android!!!

GhostInWar 1157 days ago

The whole control like the psp etc

GhostInWar 1157 days ago

Thats amazing! I have that exact phone! Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, although im wondering, whats that addon you have there?

Macnetic97 1157 days ago

I WOOT! That's awesome!

2RandomStudios 1157 days ago

holy shit i know what im doing with my time now!

MiJe85 1157 days ago

This is going to be the best time killer at all time :)

leaferfan 1157 days ago

at first i saw the phone and i was like, hmmm nice phone, and then i saw the minecraft on it and i was like NERDGASM

brianmaurer42 1157 days ago

Android is Linux. And Android uses Java as it's front end. So its java. Which makes it easier. But with my experience as a developer porting to a completely different platform (like desktop -> mobile) makes it even harder.