Elijah Wood


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1460 days ago


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Stephiiadeline 1459 days ago

but i like your photo taking skills :)

Stephiiadeline 1459 days ago

i love those iphone apps :P i just wish they didnt make them square :P

noip1 1460 days ago

I like the contrast between the light and the shadows, nice picture!

mazeri 1460 days ago

no trash here....ha!

DiQuesado 1460 days ago

Nice!!!!!!!!!!!! Follow me please. =**************

kattraej 1460 days ago

Retro Camera app?

maryckpls 1460 days ago

Elijah! Follow me please im a huge fan of yours! :) thank you!

christineK2323 1460 days ago

Great angle on this one! You may have an eye for photography, keep shooting!

BasicallyBillyB 1460 days ago

Clark Griswald: So, when did you get the tenament on wheels?
Eddie: Oh, that uh, that there's Clark is an RV.

Frodofan8 1460 days ago

Great pic!! Movie set trailers, maybe? ;) x

darkbettyadrina 1460 days ago

Nice photo

maryckpls 1460 days ago

Old school trailers.. love them!! really does look like a shot from the 70's, All you need is a guy sitting on the steps in corduroy bell bottoms sipping a beer.

MariadelmarBR 1460 days ago

Magic...! Where is it?

FakeMustacheMe 1460 days ago

Great ! I love the color and angle of shot. reminds me 60's/70's era coolstyle..very impressive!

leila_LP 1460 days ago

Wow! Cool! I love your photography!

rougeandbooks 1460 days ago

Ah, living the good life I see...

BiteMeAssbutt 1460 days ago

FIRST!! wonderful pic maybe u should be better a photographer ;)

ddritzenhein 1460 days ago

nice photo