Elijah Wood


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1858 days ago


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KittenTerbear 1665 days ago


Esmeralda643 1746 days ago

a bit monochrome...I like it.

Stephiiadeline 1857 days ago

Bilbo shaved his feet ?? :| haha

MaariNard 1857 days ago

What is this?

noip1 1858 days ago

....The ultimate in dust bunnies? (Or dog fluff at my house!)

Tinkerbelle181 1858 days ago

The beauty of photography. Wilfred, right?

weepaulie 1858 days ago

You've dismembered Wilfred.

JdyVgo 1858 days ago

Don't lie, those are the specks of dust that were under your bed...

ddritzenhein 1858 days ago

Awesome Black & White Photo

Mzellchaussette 1858 days ago

hallucinating, it's pubic hair? ^ ^

leila_LP 1858 days ago

Wilfred? (o_O)

Lada_Latypova 1858 days ago

oH, mR. wOoD, yOu InTrIgUeD aLl tWiTtEr WhAt Is It. wHaT a MeN!

CharlesDiAngelo 1858 days ago

HM? The top of EUGENE LEVY'S Head maybe? or Dreaded Pet hair on a cool looking Black Sofa?