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Brisket from Saturday's BBQ

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1718 days ago

Brisket from Saturday's BBQ


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sybillha 1682 days ago


SerraStirrling 1701 days ago

Best brisket I have EVER TASTED. Craving it right now...that and those cookies you had..so delicious

SAC529 1716 days ago

Hmph I wasn't invited. But you are invited to my birthday.

Stephiiadeline 1717 days ago

That looks soo friggn good :P Haha

noip1 1718 days ago

Mmmmm, looks like Texas BBQ from my neck of the woods (Gulf Coast Texas)

Patrick487 1718 days ago

That looks wonderful, you sure you're not Argentinean? ;-) You should get the book "Seven Fires".

wilmpy 1718 days ago

Oh my God...Wilfred?!

Tinkerbelle181 1718 days ago


9ladybugs 1718 days ago

Damn that looks good! Too bad I'm off red meat this summer.

garciammichael 1718 days ago

umm yumm!

grinningsoul_ 1718 days ago

Is it bbq season already? Bravo on achieving that lovely pink smoke ring.

iShaldy 1718 days ago

smachno! it means delicious in Ukranian)

Fer_Pinheiro 1718 days ago


leila_LP 1718 days ago

it looks yummy.. don't you wanna marry me?

denichansuzuki 1718 days ago

it looks even better than Brazilian bbq ^^

Offended_Shadow 1718 days ago

This looks so good i almost want to eat meat again... almost

CharlesDiAngelo 1718 days ago

That Looks damn good! BBQ's are fun we have some do you use a Grill or Pit?