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cocoadimediva90 1762 days ago

god has her and she is happier now than ever

cocoadimediva90 1762 days ago

thats love and i know it hurts when i saw this all i could do is cry but it will be okay=)

cocoadimediva90 1762 days ago


CECEHEARTLESS 1851 days ago

its unusual2see a pic like this and it makes some people uncomfortable but not sure if it exactly wrong

forluvuv1 1854 days ago

You back in the 1800 this was not an uncommon thing to do, I can't imagine the pain they are in.

_SimplyJuiceey 1855 days ago

Lord have mercy! People are so wrong. My heart goes out to the family ;(

dunknificent 1855 days ago

and what the hell is this? Lol

babyK_badd 1856 days ago

yall need to chillout thats my little cousin . soo this is for all yall who commenting negativly this wasnt the funeral it was imediatly family ONLY , the dumbmy who posted it tryed to sneak it but nobody knew this was taken . but just know karma is a bit

123EZasABC 1856 days ago

Everybody is so set on rules & standards but this woman is saying her final farewell to a child she brought into this world! Someone said this is disgusting! This woman sat in someones hospital & held this baby with love even with after birth on h

Rocxs_ 1856 days ago

People should learn to be optimistic with an openmind. Put yourself in their shoes(ghetto, uneducated, educated, etc. everyone grieves different. "What if it was your baby!!!

123EZasABC 1856 days ago

May she rest in peace!

Gabrielvalentim 1856 days ago


TchiaguinhO 1856 days ago

The baby is NOT asleep she is DEAD. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

RoughLoveIsFun 1857 days ago

The baby is NOT asleep she is DEAD. http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/9567065/

SallySkull 1857 days ago

And who the F**k is the jerk-wad behind the mother, smiling?.....Really?

SallySkull 1857 days ago

Do none of these people know or care to dress nice when you go to a wake? Or Funeral? Plus, I have seen pictures of the dead in caskets as a remembrance of the death, but to take the body out?

ichrissysmith 1857 days ago


ivy_brooks 1857 days ago

thats MESSED up .

Toscana_toscana 1857 days ago

I like By Toscana and Tuscan Travel holiday

____MadeInChina 1857 days ago

= (( thats super sad . i would be crying holding my die baby . Awwe my heart goes out to this family ,