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OK, turning on the White House Twitter machine that they issued me in 3… 2… 1…

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1806 days ago

OK, turning on the White House Twitter machine that they issued me in 3… 2… 1…


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shillshocked 1693 days ago

You are pure trash.

Jack_Klompus 1722 days ago

Hey Goebbels, how's your public salary?

Jack_Klompus 1761 days ago

Hey, welfare recipient! That's a pretty cool salary you got there on the backs of working people!

Jack_Klompus 1761 days ago

You are a bottom feeding parasite sucking on the public trough.

Jack_Klompus 1761 days ago

Progressive hack gets $72,500 gig. YOU are what is wrong.

floridarooster 1761 days ago

How can you take money to defend the reputation of the liar and fraud who now lives in the White House?

He has hidden his entire background from birth, through elementary school, through law school and beyond.
Why do you suppose he has done that?

TarPhd 1799 days ago

Jesse, does the name Harrison J. Bounel mean anything to you? Please verify who uses that alias.

TarPhd 1801 days ago

Jesse, I tell people Obamacare is central planning by panel. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

CharInOhio1 1803 days ago

You DO know you are defending the devil RIGHT? Just checking.....

CharInOhio1 1803 days ago

At least you chose a picture that "fits" the overall Admin, its OUR THOUGHTS exactly. ONE TERM AND DONE

CharInOhio1 1803 days ago

A "Good" President doesn't NEED to SHUT DOWN dissent, but a dictator does. Palin 2012!

TarPhd 1803 days ago

Jesse, your in over your head and the water's getting deeper. Bail before its too late.

brendonusa 1803 days ago

What is going on with Obummers Social Security number?
Is it true the birth certificate is a phony?

sean_walsh 1804 days ago

Still trying to figure out why a government employee would use the symbol of tyrannical overloads and murders as his first post.

angelrodriquez 1804 days ago

Screw the party poopers - Twitter is about authenticity, rapid response, & a splash of humor #LIKE

ResistTheJihad 1804 days ago

...As I was saying: that's ALL Obama supporters, all forums, all the time. No exceptions, no mercy. All are now OFFICIALLY trolls.

This is so much fun! Reminds me of Splattergate. HAPPINESS IS WATCHING A LEFTIST STRATEGY BACKFIRE!

ResistTheJihad 1804 days ago

Siince your OFFICIAL job is "to make the administration more popular on the web", it is thus OFFICIALLY reasonable to assume that ALL pro-Obama commenters are government trolls obeying their OFFICIALLY appointed field commander: you.

That's all Obama sup

IronyCurtain 1804 days ago

We've got Jesse's Revised Campaign Poster here:
See it before we're convicted of Thought Crime!

joelpbyrd 1804 days ago

You're a bitch. I hope you choke on a copy of The Hatch Act you pig.