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2066 days ago


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NickCullum24 2062 days ago

Unlucky Giggs Keep your pants on next time :)

TeeleKay 2063 days ago

Ryan Giggs ''dongle'' hmm that must mean that thing i plug in to my computer to download my porn & pics''

TeeleKay 2063 days ago

LMAO I LOVE IT! its awesome! He wasted all of that money and the truth always gets out in the end!

FlyyTaii 2063 days ago

Still a legend hahah

sullivanshirley 2063 days ago

giggsys corner xxx

Cxhristine 2063 days ago


Toscana_toscana 2064 days ago

nice image
By Tuscan cottage Toscana

juliehar 2064 days ago

No room below to add: LOL I wish - GIGGS - I LOVE U - from the next Mrs Ryan J Giggs. hehehe xxx

juliehar 2064 days ago

Always a God to pray to. 20 years later & I'm closer to becoming the next Mrs Giggs. Thank U Imogen x

vielier 2064 days ago

He is artist?

Sackinima 2064 days ago

"No more getting your dongle out!" Brilliant! :D

johnwalker254 2064 days ago

what a boy

kendizx9r 2064 days ago

so what is his punishment for this

leslavio 2065 days ago

better get used to the cold don't think his wife will want to share a bed with him

TwiterTwit 2065 days ago

What a #twit !

Toscana_toscana 2065 days ago

Very good !
By AGriturismo Toscana Centopino

mel5479 2065 days ago

whats the point in taking a vow when a judge is gonna save your bacon by a gagging order in which your wife/husband doesnt have the right then to know they've married a cheat whether your famous or not, these gagging orders aint right, couldnt give a hoot

_ambergr 2065 days ago

hahaha this is absolutely brilliant!

TheHollieIAM 2065 days ago

LOOL giggsy!!

Session36 2065 days ago

Who is he?