맨날 배고파 ㅍ_ㅍ;;

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1565 days ago


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Oykumiku 1513 days ago

달콤한 입술 lol ^.* 귀엽다 !! <3

vzhai83 1527 days ago

sexy lip~

qiandaojun1126 1549 days ago

너의 입술 같은(@ ̄ρ ̄@)

BabyEunhye 1552 days ago

Waa! So cute!~I like u SO much! -_-

BabyEunhye 1552 days ago

So cute!~~~

iyah_kor 1559 days ago

really got beautiful lips

StarMaxCM 1564 days ago

waa~ :)

qiandaojun1126 1564 days ago

i like the middle part of lip:)

Kpop_Nana 1564 days ago

언니..넌 멋진 정말로!!..you are amazing and one of my favourite Korean actresses!...I love your new drama!!

abeunhye 1565 days ago

omo ~ i want to kiss that lips ~~ LOL ^^

ohyahjane 1565 days ago

i can't take my eyes off you >< Eun hye

dreamofpig 1565 days ago

noona, you're so cute in 'lie to me'...i love all your tweets~ xD

intelliko 1565 days ago

Lovely sakura scene on summer .. I expect the today's one too. Have a nice day~

iamSELENAbigfan 1565 days ago

YAY! i always love you're twitpics.. they always amaze me.. XD

jingelbells 1565 days ago

ooops,CP (Cofee Prince I mean!)

jingelbells 1565 days ago

unni,i admire ur versatile looks,you're beautiful in every aspect.:) LTM,NFL Goong and CF r the best!

guojoyo 1565 days ago


appleandness 1565 days ago

much love ^-^

luntorias 1565 days ago

awww unnie you're so beautiful! I wish I had your lips <3

intelliko 1565 days ago

오늘도 방송 잘 볼게요~