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#Joplin Walmart after today's tornado.

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1953 days ago

#Joplin Walmart after today's tornado.


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tigonmalestrom 1952 days ago

Wow williamcg1979 try being trapped under that like I and my family were then you have the right to make a joke dick

nylademar 1952 days ago

williamcg1979 u define douchebag. walmart is donating 1mil to relief efforts what r u doing?

BDarlene44 1953 days ago

This is Walmart Store #59 !!~

cindysizzles 1953 days ago

I agree . There were people in that Wal mart!!! We have lost so many here and are still trying to dig people out. My mother in law was in the nursing home by the hospital and it was leveled. She is now in Ks hospital undergoing surgery. W

SoundsLikeJoe 1953 days ago

There are more important things than attempting funny. Asshole of the day belongs to

PAHPTWEETS 1953 days ago

I Personally know two people who died right here...

williamcg1979 1953 days ago

oh yeah, and it's "asinine"

Global2khosting 1953 days ago

What is this walmarts store number anyone know??? Pleasse!

OneRadicalDude 1953 days ago

williamcg1979: People were inside, you cretin!

stormdancer_36 1953 days ago

prayers for all effected by these devastating storms

darylwill2 1953 days ago


ssgakers 1953 days ago

prayers for all involved....really sad.

benny8705 1953 days ago

wow i used to work here. almost couldn't figure out the schematics...

jsuzy 1953 days ago

Omg my sister, nephew, and brother in-law were in there! :(

MalebKelley 1953 days ago

Does anyone know if the $1 Jewelry Galore store on Rangeline Road got hit?

delaynakh 1953 days ago

Are you fuckin dumb? Lives are lost because of this. soo sad. Praying for everyone in joplin and all their families

maddy_seven 1953 days ago

williamcg1979 don't be an idiot! Ipersonally know onws who work there. A life is more valuable than your assinine view of Wal-Mart!

girlgeek1 1953 days ago

There was a tweet about looting. Looting, heck. Just sit at home, the Walmart inventory is bound to fly by any minute.

dstarmusic 1953 days ago

Man... thats pretty bad

PaintedCity 1953 days ago

How sad, so much damage. So many peoples lives disrupted or lost. Sad, just sad.