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And I thought they smelled bad...on the outside.

Wondering how to kill an hour in midtown? Beer and basketball.

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1804 days ago

Wondering how to kill an hour in midtown? Beer and basketball.


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oestroke 1802 days ago

yay to Belgium beer!

DfJam 1803 days ago

You should come to Portugal and try our beer :)

marilyne2888 1803 days ago

cheers! try Heineken! so much better :)

Katencasa 1803 days ago

in german: Einbecker and soccer :-)

alenjst 1803 days ago

Not the best beer, but nice choce anyway :)

Leilocas 1803 days ago

Une Stella Artois s'il-vous-plait!

ruthonholiday 1804 days ago

Oooo, Stella ftw! That is...unless it is just another beer in the glass...faux Stella!!!

belacara16 1804 days ago

Stella!!! Hehe
Looks good. enjoy! Best combination, beer and basketball....:D

gabicapelas 1804 days ago

também não curto rs

KRock42 1804 days ago

Hmmm... you've gotta have a Guinness in the mix sometime...

NerdyCruz 1804 days ago

would've been better if it were a new castle. but stella's ok.

AFilhadoPadeiro 1804 days ago

Niiicee... i'm drinking stella too, but at home :P

Marilinux 1804 days ago

good choice in beer! =)

tracypell75 1804 days ago

Perfect way to kill an hour!!

SoyElCapitan55 1804 days ago

That is an excellent choice indeed. Shame the bball game is turrible at this moment.

owenjero89 1804 days ago

MAVS or OKC?hahahah

smashbot 1804 days ago

good beer choice! <3

ON_Your_Monitor 1804 days ago

Tweet me one of those wudjah!

jodster112 1804 days ago


natymercedes 1804 days ago

olha não curto