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The first picture of the plume rising above @grimsvotn volcano in Vatnajokull. Image from Hotel Nupur.

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1891 days ago

The first picture of the plume rising above volcano in Vatnajokull. Image from Hotel Nupur.


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HEIMARunarElin 1890 days ago

Iceland is also a country full of beautiful creative thinking people!At least something exiting happens there

itwatter2 1891 days ago

#Iceland is a country full of thieves and criminals thanks to the greedy banks good 4 them bitches

Zen_Trekker 1891 days ago

Great shot of Volcano plume in Iceland #Vatnajokull

APressAdamucci 1891 days ago

I am a photo editor for the Associated Press at the National Desk
are you the copyright holder of this image?
We would like to use it for our photo wire.

MadSciKat 1891 days ago

Twitter gets the scoop again! =^..^= #FTW #volcano #Iceland #Ragnarok

yngling 1891 days ago


JamieIT 1891 days ago

So it looks like a gigantic phallus. Its a sign, it wants to fuck us LOL

KittyMew 1891 days ago

OMG..it has began (somehow i knew it was gonna start on iceland) LOL!

funnytoptweets 1891 days ago

fna fna fna the bit coming out of the side looks like a penis! chortle chortle chortle

davidkesting 1891 days ago

looks amazingly like a phallus.

victimofgravity 1891 days ago

It looks like a schlong sticking out on the right side

LeeShackleton 1891 days ago


jennie_z 1891 days ago

Nice! this is the only picture I could find so far.

Milweb1 1891 days ago

Great shot! The wonderful power of Twitter!

jcw999 1891 days ago

Thanks for that Hjortur...I read that this is not expected to be as disruptive as Eyjafjallajokull (excuse pronounciation!)..;-) Now if Katla erupted....

darkdays42 1891 days ago

Is there any chance that this volcano will AMERICA

xXJoeYGinaldiXx 1891 days ago

Is this real ?