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And, I just picked all these berries today! Darn!  Need a quick "End Times" recipe for berry cobbler!

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1724 days ago

And, I just picked all these berries today! Darn! Need a quick "End Times" recipe for berry cobbler!


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cherishedtiger 1700 days ago

Oh those look so good! I want berry bushes!!

Cheryl314 1716 days ago

Those look delish...forget the cobbler (though sounds good) Just grab some Yogurt and mix them in! YUM!

s72can74non80 1716 days ago

I'm so jealous!!!

sweetapplesx 1719 days ago

1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk, 1 stick butter, 1 tea. vanilla, melt butter in casserole dish, mix other ingrendents, pour over berries, bake at 350 until curst turns crispy brown. Enjoy!!!

EmJEast 1721 days ago

Just been looking at all your veggies, well done, keep up the good work, self sufficiency is a great thing!

ChrissyCarlson2 1721 days ago

1/2 stick of butter cubed,flavoring (1 tsp.)flavoring your choice vanilla, almond whatever you like or meshes with fruit well

ChrissyCarlson2 1721 days ago

Fruit ,One Cup of Sugar,One Cup of Self rising Flour,One Cup of Whole milk

ChrissyCarlson2 1721 days ago

Nice berries.. Glad that the end didn't come, wink, here's your recipe a little late southern sty

sunrise0814 1722 days ago

would much rather see them on silk...exquisite color!

JamesBStudios 1723 days ago

no man knoweth the time or the hour.....cobbler on!!!

jaydebringer 1723 days ago

Can we say, black berry wine? my dad used to make it all the time, back in the day, havent had any in forever. Im gonna be thinking about it all day now :-) Mmmm.

faecatt 1724 days ago

YES MY FAVE YUMMM you can bring them to my house lol

Mariajuliapons 1724 days ago

Hi Emilio! Good stuff. Do you cultivate them? No, not The End of Times yet.

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 1724 days ago

Follow this easy Recipe http://tinyurl.com/3ubokfv
try to remember 'Do not stir' ;)

Oneoliner 1724 days ago

You fruit case.

Cheryl314 1724 days ago

those look awesomely delish, if we're still here tomorrow, do send some my way! =)

cleskelund73 1724 days ago

They look yummy, you could eat them plain, or in oatmeal. Grocery stores could not match them.

KiraLLL 1724 days ago

Delicious!! These used to grow like wildfire in Florida when I was a kid....I can taste them right now!!

septtenforty 1724 days ago

Magnificent, did you grow these? What an awesome photo, almost can taste them.

carolbou 1724 days ago

save them for the morning and put on oatmeal :P yummy!