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Omg this job application is amazing

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2103 days ago

Omg this job application is amazing


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thecardsharp 1950 days ago

this would be amazing except Ronald fucked it all up in the last line. (that's TAUPE, you dope!)

Liam120 2100 days ago

Def breaks Data Protection eh...!! ;-) (or whatever they have over there in the states!)

Liam120 2100 days ago

Shame we can see the guys name is Roanald, and his surname at the bottom Dvorak, email anyone -

whoppster 2101 days ago

Thats just lovely, I'd hire that guy (or gal? neeeh...) straight away! ;)

Eva_Nuie 2103 days ago

a Masterpiece :D

EydieStumpf 2103 days ago

You spelt TOUPE wrong - it's TAUPE! LOL

RadioNed 2103 days ago

Made my day, thanks !

lavendargoose 2103 days ago

Except that Taupe is misspelled!

RyanTylerThomas 2103 days ago

Stunning. Record the actual interview.

michaeltrollan 2103 days ago

Best job application ever.