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#STS134 Spacewalkers in the payload bay of Endeavour @ 8:24am GMT over Poland #ISS #NASA

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1348 days ago

#STS134 Spacewalkers in the payload bay of Endeavour @ 8:24am GMT over Poland #ISS #NASA


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desertstarrysky 1345 days ago

Beautiful shot!

a_cup_of_sea 1347 days ago

Wonderful view! :-)

PC0101 1347 days ago

No more searching needed. Both astros have returned safely inside.;-)))

sweetgazer1 1347 days ago

That's funny, Halina, watch out, an astronaut may land on your head!

Daniel_Craig 1347 days ago


sandarwai 1347 days ago

!! Que gran fotografo en el espacio !!

halina_m 1347 days ago

Poland?! This is my country,so I'm going right now outside and search not anymore falling stars but falling astronauts!

PC0101 1347 days ago

If you don’t find them they may already have fallen down. Search for them in Poland, then. LOL

sweetgazer1 1347 days ago

The space version of "Where's Wally?".

kamillyjackson 1347 days ago

Perfect!! *-*

DrDonna_Maja 1347 days ago

#fromspace I found 2 astronauts. :-D And it is SO amazing to see! plz enjoy! ;)

PC0101 1348 days ago

Difficult to tell what is what among all these white „cubicles“ #fromspace. LOL

Stelygs 1348 days ago

Glorious shot!
Quiz #fromspace:...hmmm, I think I've spotted 4 astronauts...there must be something wrong... ;-p

stavrosmct 1348 days ago

I reckon I could do that.....wouldn't u just be tempted to "float away" ??

eu_hal9000 1348 days ago

#FromSpace WOW! Another SUPER-SHOT from . Great

PC0101 1348 days ago

Image search quiz #fromspace: Where are the astronauts?