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Had to make this characters' armor more prominent.

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1806 days ago

Had to make this characters' armor more prominent.


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RhorekAQW 1771 days ago

you should put a most impressive cover on it,
because when you have an armor that looks cool on a set with an impressive cover the entire set be impressive.

Maktara_AQW 1778 days ago

bet this is gonna be noxus

SimplyAwsum 1790 days ago

This is okay, though not stunningly awesome, like Blood or Fiend was. I bet this is an NPC if it's going to be released in the game.

QayyumAQW 1792 days ago

You use Adobe Flash Nulgath??

PoisonHS 1796 days ago

/Hopes this is what Necromancer will look like.

Krem_O 1796 days ago

imma see this guy in doomwood and beat Vorded and this guy too......

MM_AQW 1796 days ago

Hope to see this guy soon in Doomwood.
This one and the deathknight should have drops :\

RruannAE 1797 days ago

cool xD

airjordie33 1797 days ago

really nice i like the green it gives it that necromancer look

alfalah0 1798 days ago

Nulgath u Bet us with ur secret senario in Vordrid Can you tell us how to compelete please Nulgath Or i say Miltonius, yeah Miltonius good than Nulgath :D

jhulianjao 1798 days ago

it would be great if it drops a class

RhorekAQW 1799 days ago

even more proeminent?
I suggest some chains made ​​of bones with the tips pointed props
coming fron back

DoomDestroyerAE 1800 days ago

Evolved necromancer? or NPC?

Jc_Aqw 1800 days ago

Umm.... Newer version of necromancer?

NexusEmissary 1801 days ago

O.O AwEsome

jhulianjao 1802 days ago

hey nulgath the miltonius name was better it makes more sense if the items were still miltonius

Kramlor 1803 days ago

Instead of holding that skull, it should be Chuckles skull :p

ElectrumYGO 1806 days ago

not wery good but ti's good

LordSlayR 1806 days ago

Looks better