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Necromantress robe.

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1468 days ago

Necromantress robe.


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SimplyAwsum 1452 days ago

She's flat-chested. Is she a transvestite?

Krem_O 1458 days ago

its vayle....

nerdsage 1458 days ago

near the bottom should have mud stains

RhorekAQW 1461 days ago

awesome is the only word which comes in my head
when i look this armor

DoomDestroyerAE 1462 days ago

and its obvious this is vayle wen r u gonna make vayle without the cloak?

DoomDestroyerAE 1462 days ago

U should shade the hand and fix the hood cuz the hood looks a bit.. i guess wide. sumthing like that.

NexusEmissary 1463 days ago

OMG i know who Necromantress is muahahahahahaha

Numbar_Foar 1466 days ago

Love the hood.

zmoochiies 1467 days ago

isn't that vayle from dragonfable?

Azrahk 1467 days ago

I like it. Bring's back FUN memories.

wolfCRY25 1468 days ago

its cool
even i hate purple xD

meowfish13 1468 days ago

nercromantress! :D artix wont be pleased XD

FedeGarcia90 1468 days ago

Nice helm... CC 70 acs? maybe? ;)

MacianArt 1468 days ago

I remeber her..

Weelyam_ 1468 days ago

Meh, I dunno about the shading. Hand was left unshaded too so..

Tooterser 1468 days ago


Munseh 1468 days ago

Necromantress Robe of Miltonius

SilverRodri 1468 days ago

It's Necromantress?

AQWpenguinpal 1468 days ago