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My niece, Amy, stopped in at Walmart signing to say hello with new baby Haley!  Cute plus!

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2077 days ago

My niece, Amy, stopped in at Walmart signing to say hello with new baby Haley! Cute plus!


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donnyandmarie86 2003 days ago

marie you niece amy is beauful like you are and haley is so adorable

Gingerbean12 2054 days ago

Cute baby, just wish we would have had a girl too. We just have a son.
I come from big family, one sister had 6 then one had 5 then one 4 and three another two me one. We lost our brother before i was born. Love the osmond family.

donna22marie 2075 days ago

Haley is so cute, she looks so much like Wayne when he was a baby!

troyaikmanfan 2075 days ago

Just too stinkin' cute! Oh my gosh!!!

sckimmyp 2076 days ago

Amy - you definitely have the Osmond beauty and I'm sure Haley will too! What an amazing family! Love your values!

angelawales 2076 days ago

baby Haley, is Wayne's grandaughter, she looks just like Waynes baby photo

OSFANNH 2076 days ago

Great pic...Amy you look awesome and Haley is so adorable

PeaSoupDesigns 2076 days ago

OMG, toe nibbler for sure.

kimsorich 2076 days ago

My 19 yr. old stood in line to get my CD signed for me. What a sweetie. Both daughters are named Marie, because of you Marie.

marosilany 2077 days ago

Amy has Osmond smile & teeth! Baby has no teeth!!!!! :)

NANA1959 2077 days ago

Yes, Amy is Wayne's daughter...

joaniebelle1 2077 days ago

Oh, she is just precious! What a sweet picture!

Momluvsem3 2077 days ago

Marie, your niece looks like you..and your brother Wayne. Is she perhaps Wayne's daughter? That baby is adorable!

lyndaraye 2077 days ago

She is a real cutie!! Marie, I saw one of your pictures on fb and thought it was my daughter. I enlarged it and, oops, it was you! Someone on fb commented on a picture of her and said , "Tracy, you look like Marie Osmond"

clisby 2077 days ago

So cute!

anniexoxx 2077 days ago

she is a cutie pie ... love how ur niece and haley match :) xoxo