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Clay's "Pic of the Day!"  Enjoy my worldly Tweeps!

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1893 days ago

Clay's "Pic of the Day!" Enjoy my worldly Tweeps!


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PC0101 1845 days ago

Found this description and the NASA EO link Another view of it:

PC0101 1845 days ago

Here is definitely superior to NASA. Guess this one would have been identified as „Northern Patagonian ice field“.

PC0101 1845 days ago

Was on the track of that peak already. Due to glacier features and one of the sequence images shows San Rafael laguna to its west. So much rotating required.

PC0101 1845 days ago

Was too tired last night. It’s not Lautaro as you proposed with the coords. A fresh approach after a nap always is helpful …

H_P_R_U 1846 days ago

well we'll just leave this one for NASA to figure out & I'll put your data in the map!

pamkstewart 1846 days ago

if you get the chance can you double check that this is indeed Cerro San Valentin at -46.592980° -73.355862°? TNX

H_P_R_U 1846 days ago

So it's not Lautaro Volcano?

pamkstewart 1846 days ago

The Cerro San Valentin is the peak at the center top of the photo (or center right if you rotate into proper orientation). It has a distinctive double peak.

pamkstewart 1846 days ago

That was not easy to find. Getting the time so I could orient it with the sun in the proper direction helped and then using the GM terrain function and then zooming in so I could get topo lines was very helpful.

pamkstewart 1846 days ago

I think this is further north, the Cerro San Valentin. The distinctive glacier at center top begins at -46.594319,-73.360519. Rotate 90 right for proper orientation. It's very hard to see in GE or Bing, so I went to terrain in GM.

H_P_R_U 1846 days ago

Is it this? -49.019367, -73.506977

H_P_R_U 1846 days ago

Oh dear I know you know the coordinates of this one too... LOL

PC0101 1885 days ago

Obvious; really cool shadows. Really tough for the lack of images for detailed comparisons.

djsheptx 1885 days ago

Tough to find, beautiful picture. Easy to see why you photographed it.

Astro_Clay 1887 days ago

I'm pretty sure this one is near the Lautaro Volcan in the Chilean Andes of Patagonia. I really liked taking shots late in the orbital day with the cool shadows. Toughie, huh?!?

PC0101 1888 days ago

48.9 S, 79.3 W over the Pacific Ocean. No help here with this shot into Patagonia.

djsheptx 1889 days ago

I give up...I can't find the location. :( Do you know the coordinates?

sanduleak_1 1890 days ago

Beautiful photo!!! ^__^

PC0101 1890 days ago

For those who want to guess: POTD is the same area as this: Tricky to match perfectly!

PC0101 1890 days ago

Nothing of the snow angels visible. Guess he’s building castles in the air. ;-)