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Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson :) Download the new album *Midnight Memories*:

Swedish fans are growing by the day! :) we miss the UK too x

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1836 days ago

Swedish fans are growing by the day! :) we miss the UK too x


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iJBieberswife 1654 days ago

OMG i wanna go to Sweden like now, and my country is sooo cloose to Sweden :D

Keeley1DJDB 1751 days ago

miss u 2 even though I've not saw u

Fan_iLove1D 1765 days ago

oomg.. why do i have to live in norway.. When i could live in sweden or the UK.. fml

Loubrokenpencil 1796 days ago

You should come to sutton, not the best of places but lots of 1Dfans:)!

Australian1D 1812 days ago

they probably got told that if they got out of hand security would take them away or something :P

Australian1D 1812 days ago

i'm jealous , they better come to australia :)

LondonRoad1D 1812 days ago

so calm! Wait till they come to Aus ill be like HOLY SHIT YOUR ONE DIRECTION*Tackle to the floor*

izaynsterz 1813 days ago

What about Ireland.

LouisNavyTOMS 1814 days ago

Wow. So many Swedish fans. Soo proud of you boys♄ Miss you so much xx

JadoreNiall 1816 days ago

we miss you more!<3

Sarah__Daley 1833 days ago

If you watch the video 1d put up theres a security guard pushing the girls back telling them to stay behind the line :/

WeBlameNiall 1834 days ago

they're not stand away from them because we're scared or something, they just show some respect.

_SophieSpicer 1834 days ago

I Miss you too one direction ... sad times xx

Emmonopaly 1834 days ago

V Invisable barrier Ahahah!

Vas_Happenin_1D 1834 days ago

Has Sweden invited the invisible barrier!? :L Are you serious! To me it looks like there are no barriers there and girls are quietly stood taking pictures! :L xx

daniihiskey 1834 days ago

Swedish fans= pffft! all about the banter in the uk xxxxx

MariaTomlinson 1835 days ago

omg they arent even going mad?! in Belfast we had big security guards and barriers to hold us back..

mrs_stylespayne 1835 days ago

1D come home we miss yu too much x yu would not be there if i was there x yu wud be on the floor

Elise_Horan 1835 days ago

if that was me i would be jumping on you haha:L not standing away from you:/..

josheengarcha 1835 days ago

why are they standing so far away. if i was there the boys would be lying on the floor...x