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Adventurer, family man and host of Man Vs Wild & Born Survivor. Chief Scout to 28 million brilliant Scouts worldwide!

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RyanPST88 1672 days ago

Haha, +1 follower

Mjeh24 1798 days ago

my hero!!! way to roll with the

nadiediena 1892 days ago

Oh my god

Rakeshmahato00 1913 days ago

Its hot or too cold?..

thetwit1023 1955 days ago

That face can only mean one thing... "ASPARAGUS" :P

JOAOAOAO_Mario 2007 days ago

better drink my own piss

LinShingChi 2012 days ago

Following you on Twitter because of this :')

bolbook 2017 days ago


smythn121 2019 days ago

Drink piss, allow to mature, repeat.

Michnaas 2021 days ago

WOW Bear, It's really awesome of you playing along with the joke! Highfive dude!

IAmShenanigans 2021 days ago

Only an Englishman would drink pee from a tea're awesome Bear!!

code012 2023 days ago


kvinnan86 2023 days ago

Bear's internet powers are over 9000 now. He's unstoppable.

Torch14 2024 days ago

I've never seen the show, just know of the meme. Totally epic. Way to be a team player. #winning

aigledemasyaf 2025 days ago

This is absolutely amazing. Great way to take a joke!! +1 follower

shadtek 2025 days ago

Embrace it!

ChuanpitrK 2025 days ago

Two thumbs up!

fflenise 2025 days ago

better drink my own piss

Bobby_Sweet 2025 days ago

How to be epic drinking tea?... Now you know!

jackbulik 2025 days ago

dude, you are fu*king awesome!