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Writer. Head writer and Exec Producer of Doctor Who. Also co-Exec of Sherlock with @markgatiss, and my wife, @suevertue. Also I block rude people.

Forgive me if you can, but these days come only once. #beforethefall

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2077 days ago

Forgive me if you can, but these days come only once. #beforethefall


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_BoredOrBoard_ 1938 days ago

That's one hell of a battle! Either way, I will be happy with the victor :D

Dariinkk 2076 days ago

Impossible to choose o.o

lmci72 2076 days ago

Somehow they both look best in the one on the right! That'll do me!

AnimeAddy 2076 days ago

LOL I like the different covers and I'm in love with both characters...mmmm this is tricky

insimonated 2077 days ago

That there's some SHIT Photoshoppin'!

remvsg 2077 days ago


angiem577 2077 days ago

All four cheekbones, as the Moff describes them. I love me the Doctor, my beautiful idiot :)

R_Arblaster 2077 days ago

saw the award down the middle :-)

katiierube 2077 days ago

Sherlock <3

elliecarolina 2077 days ago

Talk about tough decisions! D: Although, I have to admit Cumberbatch is tons more attractive.

MAAgius 2077 days ago

It's very sad that one of your programs will come second.
But at least the other one will win.

Haylez116 2077 days ago

Sherlock. Sherlock. Sherlock. Sherlock :Dx I should hope so considering the amount of times I have voted for it on youtube audience award :Dx its gotta beat only way is essex that's just rubbish- especially coming from a teenage girl!!!

LissyM 2077 days ago

ahhhh this is amazinggggg think i may have to get both versions! x

NinaVRobertson 2077 days ago

Depends on my mood so right now The Doctor but I miss Sherlock lets all be poly amorous.

Atakiri 2077 days ago

Oh god, that's cruel. But either way you're getting the recognition you deserve, right?!

Nytol_Olson 2077 days ago

Oh, you're so cruel but so great! I like Doctor, but Sherlock is my love.

Gallifrey4ever 2077 days ago

Hurry up and get Sherlock, BBC America! (It's battle of the awesome hair and neck-wear!)

kizzings 2077 days ago

Doctor Who dont even need to think about it! but either way The Moff is a winner so thats good for me :)

artemisbow58 2077 days ago

congratulations..but so so hard to choose

AnastasiaLaMuse 2077 days ago

Oh god! How dare you make me choose?!