The story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.

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@feliciaday @nathanfillion and simon helberg with the cast of windward high school's dr. h

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1805 days ago

and simon helberg with the cast of windward high school's dr. h


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indiebrianna 1795 days ago

I would just DIE if my school got to do Dr. Horrible!!! My school's probably too big, though. :/

xMorganSheax 1799 days ago

Aw, I'm sure those kids will remember that day forever! I know I would have.

Blackfish 1802 days ago

That is a beautiful photo. The kids must be thrilled.

boatierra 1803 days ago

That is just simply amazing looking. What a fantastic photo and memory :)

lrge 1803 days ago

Incredible acting and directing - and amazingly generous Dr. Horrible cast!

Xavienne 1804 days ago

Those are seriously happy looking young people. Lucky kids.

tahirisunrider 1804 days ago

Soooo cute and awesome! :D

terinloibl 1804 days ago

oh you must have just made their day and night and all

schnoggo 1804 days ago

Wow. That so totally made my day. Big warm fuzzies all around!

FoxB 1804 days ago

Those are some adorable and supremely lucky kids. My envy let me show you it.

yergi 1804 days ago

This is awesome on so many levels. One for a HS doing this show, and two for you guys going to see it. I'm sure there's more that I can't think of.

penpusher 1804 days ago

Dr. H as a high school production? Does this mean a Disney movie is far behind?

RavinDarkstarr 1804 days ago

Reach for the stars and they might touch you. What an inspiration you are to these kids. Kudos

TURTLEGIRL73 1804 days ago


justinrussell 1804 days ago

&Simon You guys rock for doing that. Really.

yellowstark 1804 days ago


dya_beetus 1804 days ago

Wow, that's so awesome, I wish I could have seen it. I would really love to see one reproduction of it at some school level.

cunningminx 1805 days ago

looks like fun! did they sing anything from the musical commentary??

thejadedhippy 1805 days ago

Wow, what a dream come true! I would be dying if I was those kids.

stevedogg 1805 days ago

That's an awesome sign of appreciation.