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Animated Necro Overlord

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1898 days ago

Animated Necro Overlord


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parkex2 1889 days ago


mieteor 1897 days ago

Wow, this is so epic! Id love for this armour to get ingame! Also I love the skulls!

Ninjudo 1897 days ago


AQWNaTra 1898 days ago

U have a template i mean its pretty off, I like it though

AracaelAE 1898 days ago

Ty ty xD i rushed the final parts ill update it soon.

veneeria 1898 days ago

it is not just epic... it is necro-epic ! pretty great work! though try making the skull on the knees different from the others.. and more fitting!

Weelyam_ 1898 days ago

O_O You seriously have me beat. The foot thingy's shading the front foot couls use a little work, and I dunno about the cloth on the arm's.