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Twitpic - The space shuttle, about to rip away from the Eaeth. #nasatweetup

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1965 days ago

Twitpic - The space shuttle, about to rip away from the Eaeth. #nasatweetup


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MomoJijo 1963 days ago


Kickalien 1964 days ago

Very nice!

nearspaceman 1964 days ago

very emotive picture! thumbs up !

Julisauras 1965 days ago

Thats unreal

DrNeda 1965 days ago

It is a perfect shot! I love the fact that it is black & white to be remembered forever! Thank you.

luisidd 1965 days ago

wow that's awesome@

craigbrit 1965 days ago

pic looks good but also sad i hope we get a new space shuttle soon..

brianstovall 1965 days ago

Amazing photo! Fascinated with the person standing on the platform, to the left.

rahuldolas01 1965 days ago

It like dream

Thebeast1190 1965 days ago

awesome photo!

RahulChand 1965 days ago

Nice shot of Endeavour, desktop wallpaper of the month!

CliffBaise 1965 days ago

Cool, man. Just watched the launch on TV. Does that thing haul ass or what?

REDDOGG31k 1965 days ago

awsome shot! b/w kicks some much ass!

livnchrist 1965 days ago


TBGrunf 1965 days ago

Nice :)

Droog_Dionne 1965 days ago

Amazing. I'm a tad weepy: saw the Endeavour in 2002. Thanks for sharing your photos.

StvnMchl 1965 days ago

Awesome. Love it.

feamicha 1965 days ago

Very nice!!

fabiolahopeful 1965 days ago

wow O_0

TreyRatcliff 1965 days ago

The EARTH, that is.... hehe - see more shots of the shuttle at the main blog