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Spent saturday morning at japanese garden...oscar and ava with us...loving life.

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2028 days ago

Spent saturday morning at japanese garden...oscar and ava with us...loving life.


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ale_estella 1945 days ago

Lovely picture. Lovely couple. (:

JoHindle435 1950 days ago

Lovely pic of you both.

JolandaDaThesta 1986 days ago

Wow peaceful

scrapbookerlora 1991 days ago

Blessings to you both, wishing you much goodness. Thank you for caring for chldren everywhere.

may_elbialy 1992 days ago

so cute, i hope happiness to your family

Christyreero 1992 days ago

I love this pic, you guys are so cute!!

EsminArnaut 1994 days ago

you are inspiration for me

EsminArnaut 1994 days ago

you are the best,

Sammyjayne3 2003 days ago

U look like your punching above your weight there Hugh ;) I hope I look this good in 10 years time, Deb's skin looks devine! x

hughlicious 2009 days ago

Hey Hugh, long time no see! You and Deb are still looking fab! Much love to you both and big XXOO's to the kiddies!

SophalMiracle 2010 days ago

Wow, a Peaceful Japaneses garden is a garden of Paradise. A place for Lovers to come by! #fb

ninel_rose 2021 days ago

You are a beautiful amazing couple! You look so great and happy together. Wish you all the best

Gellita 2021 days ago

You're a wonderful and a beautiful couple, I admire you so much with all respects from mexico

Loganator47 2026 days ago

this photo is so beautiful. and Deb looks like an angel....such a pretty woman. I can understand you, Hugh:o)
Bless you

raywolvie 2026 days ago

you and Debbie are a model couple! God bless you and the kids!
Debbie's a lucky lady....of course, she knows that!

Crissou73 2027 days ago

Nice pic together !!! Wonderful ! Indétrônable couple !!

sandy1591 2027 days ago


wanda_41 2027 days ago

You look so beautiful:) garden too.......:)

lenamasca 2027 days ago

Watched your show at Curran 2x. Amazing!! Thanks for adding "Mack the Knife".In future shows pls. pls sing "If I Loved You.

ASerissa 2027 days ago

Nice to see you both so happy! Greetings from Germany!