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Recognize my foot?

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1934 days ago

Recognize my foot?


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HSimpson3 1804 days ago

An even better humblebrag might be something like: 'Oh, I'm so embarrassed!! I can't believe my personal photographer took a picture of my foot and included all those yucky photos of me posing in National mags. so embarrassing...'

loveit64 1830 days ago

UR too cute!!

jwaacks 1846 days ago


mabje55 1848 days ago

ahhh there youre's, I already wondered..... :) Nice photo wall you have there!!

Cwabby 1859 days ago

some Oprah time. so cute. :)

H_siyabi 1859 days ago

okay...all im staring at is those photos...sorry but god O.O u have seriosly done alot...well you know obviosly :P- says an omani 13 year old :p

planetcocoa 1859 days ago

I see you tryin' to hide that bunion with your left toe :) lol. Love you. Check you out on Runner's magazine! Holy moly!

Jesteer_101 1896 days ago

ewww feet

Elegant_Element 1932 days ago

love the nail polish

DPMERCER 1933 days ago

You are blessed, they look good. :-)

GelidFields 1933 days ago

you've bared your soul countless times..it's about time for this! loving the bear

laricewinborne 1933 days ago


Co_Reps 1933 days ago

What's wrong with your toes? you get a cut?

juliesBEATS 1933 days ago

oh oprah i love u hahaha
ur so cute my dream in this world is just to meet u one day kiss u on the Cheek 10 times till i get enough, give u a big hug for 5 hours and then if i die at that day i`d die a happy girl :D

HinaSuleman 1933 days ago

cuteee. but the teddy is cuter

schneturap 1933 days ago

Yes .... wow!!!!!!

MargoRusTula 1934 days ago

this type of teddy bear makes a pedicure you ))))))))))) fellow )))))))))

MashaDraga 1934 days ago

прикольно :)
cool :)

whdrhkd2 1934 days ago

Cute bear cute foot

ampurdanet 1934 days ago

ja, ja!