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noodels looks smaller then a mouse when she is all wet! she did not like her bath very much!

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1201 days ago

noodels looks smaller then a mouse when she is all wet! she did not like her bath very much!


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MarinaGozzi 1158 days ago

She looks good enough to eat

_Danielle97 1200 days ago

aww shes so cuute! ;)

MrsDBehavin325 1200 days ago

Cute baby Whole shit Check out that prob. Marble... love the place...Noodle looks microscopic in there Love ya

Ellyla241059 1200 days ago

Awww!!! She's adorable!!!

SophalMiracle 1201 days ago

DogNoodels is wet! Don't let she stays too wet! Warms her up w/a Blanket! I bet, she'll luv it! #fb

Pink_birrd 1201 days ago

Poor thing! Lol.

michellianna 1201 days ago

that's a cute wet noodles :)

saidaquibarbara 1201 days ago

owwwnt *--*

bluerach0903 1201 days ago

OOh my days ,,she's too cute! I'd be bathing her all the time for pics like that lol O.J x

anniexmuse 1201 days ago

awww :3!!

guest2132667 1201 days ago


juliecoxva 1201 days ago

No joke my long-hair Chi looks EXACTLY like this! Adorable! Would tweet a pic if I knew how. Enjoy!

MalinBelle 1201 days ago

OMG, that's such a cute picture! :) You have a very cute dog (or if it was your mum's?)! What race is she?

kaymattx 1201 days ago


EnglishKook 1201 days ago

She's definitely not smiling now - looks like she just met the enemy!

CreepyCakee 1201 days ago

awwww sooo adorable [=

Itssbethhh 1201 days ago

awrh toooo cute <3

InspireOneness 1201 days ago

Wow, Kelly! Where did you find such an adorable puppy??

LovettLondon 1201 days ago

I just squaled 'OMG!' when I saw how cute she was!! Awwww!!!! And Noodles is THE cutest name ever! ♥

AnacondaCock 1201 days ago

that dogs bath is better than mine : /