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I had no idea the South Park guys took a shot at me in the "Funnybot" episode. I'm honored & insulted all at once. Finally!

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1837 days ago

I had no idea the South Park guys took a shot at me in the "Funnybot" episode. I'm honored & insulted all at once. Finally!


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codyjshaw 1837 days ago

Hey Dane, Daniel Tosh also made fun of you a couple of times on Tosh.0 just letting you know haha

scrubbybrother 1837 days ago

Dane Cook, Ellen DeGeneres , Russel Brand, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Kimmel , Zach Galafanakis, Chris Rock OR Mike Epps, Kevin James, Jay Leno, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Louis C.K., Ben Stiller, Conan O'Brien, David Letterman and Tyler Perry. Obama also

Melidy_Roblox 1837 days ago

HA, i think you and sandler should be in oppisite positions

punksrule4life 1837 days ago

I believe it is =D

ZhouChau 1837 days ago

Cook, Ellen, Russel Brand, Sandler,Kimmel?, Zach, And black guy What a classic comedian

GhostWatchinGAC 1837 days ago

You're right on all cept the black guy is mike epps, I'm pretty sure...

lov3_x 1837 days ago

i totally took this picture/screenshot :)

andecoas 1837 days ago

I think the one between Ellen and Adam is Russel Brand.. but I'm not sure.

NeeHolly 1837 days ago

haha-I think Russell Brand is the one behind Ellen.good stuff-only means you're bigger than big Dane

funkycrunk 1837 days ago

left to right: Dane, ellen, russel brand, adam sandler, colbert, galafanakis?, and i guess chappell?

pjaybutta 1837 days ago

i see russle brand or w.e his name is lol

lawfully_yours 1837 days ago

Is that Russell Brand over Adam's right shoulder?

Drawsinclass 1837 days ago

dane is in the left corner

BigBadTomA 1837 days ago

Oh yeah sorry, I didn't even look there. I'm a fool to myself

1c3AE 1837 days ago

I've never seen mutton chops that,FADED.

NascarCanada 1837 days ago

Dane ...any plans for a sequel to Employee of the Month? ...that was hilarious movie.

MatticusCollins 1837 days ago

he's far left, center is Adam Sandler, on Adam's left is Zack Galafinakis or however you spell it, and then the guy in the suit I take it is Stephen Colbert. That's all I can recognize besides Ellen Degeneres.

DizzyDaisy2 1837 days ago

I see you in the back...that's hilarious!

sohaggard88 1837 days ago

Your a douche. But adam sandler there is worse. still like u better than galafanakis or however u spell it! lol

cherirodriguez 1837 days ago

On the far left with the sufi shirt.