The story of a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to.

One mo. What on earth is @dichenlachman doing to @feliciaday 's ear?  And we will make Fran twitter in the very near future.

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2666 days ago

One mo. What on earth is doing to 's ear? And we will make Fran twitter in the very near future.


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boatierra 2665 days ago

Fran looks so cute!

SOflix 2666 days ago

agreed! It is quite a curious pose. haha. Cute though. BTdubs, last episode of Dollhouse was epicly awesome!

Next_Jen 2666 days ago

That's such a cute and funny picture! ^_^

tyna_x 2666 days ago

Fran mussst get Twitter. This picture makes me so happy

tyna_x 2666 days ago


kelvlam 2666 days ago

Now in this pict is more clear, that is Sierra(Dichen Lachman)& Topher(Fran Kranz) from Dollhouse then!!! Cool~~~

Zippedychick 2666 days ago

she looks like she's going to suck her brains out

Kathy_Jayne 2666 days ago

Nerdgasm! Oh my god freakin' nerdgasm.

DedZeppelin 2666 days ago

lourve this pic! & are crizazy :p and please do make Fran twitter soonly!

pfennig 2666 days ago

I love this picture dearly.

Ginnean 2666 days ago


kielstewart 2666 days ago

She is blowing through it to see if it will can be felt on the other side. (in no way meaning to say is stupid, infact both are awesome!)

dya_beetus 2666 days ago

I don't know, but I'd like to try it!

kpacek330 2666 days ago

whoo! fran!! lol

lyssloves 2666 days ago

This is a great picture!
Love Fran!!

mehixson 2666 days ago

I think that's what Khan did to Chekov in Star Trek II. Now will do 's bidding.

McSherrie 2666 days ago

Wait, you mean Fran doesn't tweet in secret already? The world has gone all topsy turvy and I don't know what to believe anymore. ;)

wonwonwova 2666 days ago

I screamed "TOPHER!!" I'm pathetic. I have a major crush on Fran! MAKE HIM TWEET!!!

kikimarie593 2666 days ago

Awesome! Fran so needs to make a Twitter account! :D

rowan_celeste 2666 days ago

can't wait for Fran to tweet! "I'm
smarter than all of you...but less scary" Felicia should realize that might not be the best place to nap! ;)