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will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

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The lamppost in the woods, in spring, at dusk.

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1222 days ago

The lamppost in the woods, in spring, at dusk.


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JamesRgiant 1137 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us.They are so personal and inspirational.LIGHT!

khaledESO 1220 days ago

i like thes

Curlykale 1222 days ago

An Eco-Friendly lamp powered by rotting vegetation ?

surrealblonde 1222 days ago

It looks like its waiting for something/someone doesn't it?

Kattale9 1222 days ago

I have a very similar lamp-post in my woods I feel compelled to photograph it every time it snows.

ArwynAtreides 1222 days ago

An anatomically correct satyr lures a girl into the woods.... New Neil Gaiman short story

orderofthegash 1222 days ago

that's no lamppost... its a portal to another realm entirely Neal. ☺

Debbracadabra 1222 days ago

I want to be there, relaxing in its sanctuary, right now.

Bieeanda 1222 days ago

♪ There's a li-ight... ♪

wendyfarrowart 1222 days ago

flaunting your lamppost again are you ;) ? it is a lovely lamppost. has a crooked one as I recall. Not sure if it lights up though.

River_Vox 1222 days ago

Time-lapse would also be interesting. Or a motion-activated camera to catch any fauns or boggles.

River_Vox 1222 days ago

It would be fun to have a live webcam on the lamppost so we could check in on it now and then.

cybersphynx 1222 days ago

Exquisite: it's like Gothic Narnia.

mollypratt789 1222 days ago


EmmaleneAubrey 1222 days ago

a beacon of light alone among the trees. lol

RyanDM86 1222 days ago

I think the wardrobe is through the brush to the right. Not sure. Lucy'd know.

AMChristman 1222 days ago

That is a beautiful shot. Its got a magical quality.

CrystalWL 1222 days ago