Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Now adding "master of disguise" to my resume. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1659 days ago

Now adding "master of disguise" to my resume. #fromset #Mythbusters


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noko823 1654 days ago

Whats happen to him!?

LeonaEstep 1659 days ago

wow, i love your muscles ;)

esangalang 1659 days ago

It's Al Leong!

markchera 1659 days ago

1986 called, it wants Bad Guy #3 back.

jacobsmommy2000 1659 days ago

Fu Manchu... hilarious! :^)

Robotrix1 1659 days ago

Disney brings "Mulan" to Broadway......

CodyJ543 1659 days ago

Disguise? I thought that was your weekend apparel?

Count_Da_Money 1659 days ago

That's a good look for you Grant! lol

Justin_221 1659 days ago

Hahaha AWESOME!! Grant you kinda look like Rob schneider when he was in 50 First Dates! lol Amazing! :D

danar75 1659 days ago

Ninja Redneck Tony Orlando!

eldamon 1659 days ago

C'mon on now, gotta think outside the box man. Let's see you as a balletrina or NBA slam dunk champion or a mosquito. Stretch man stretch!

Oneoliner 1659 days ago

Now there's a guy ready to behead himself.

RagingClaw 1659 days ago

i see you have been using those Perfect Push-ups back there on the floor!

mgschmitz72 1659 days ago

I want a sword like that! I'll even grow the cheesy mustache!

LolLioness 1659 days ago

Mr. T called, said "Ah want mah shirt back, FOO!"

TotalWattage 1659 days ago

Wow, you actually look good with a Fu-Man-Chu stash!

pottoka 1659 days ago

Great disguise. I can barely take my eyes off your arms. So, yeah, I guess it's a great disguise after all. ...Bloody hell.

ianwulf24 1659 days ago

You look pretty ripped.

dmoorhouse 1659 days ago

hey, where did Grant go?

GoAheadLily 1659 days ago

you look like my dad in the late seventies