Ana Marie Cox


You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.

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2723 days ago


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JFergerson 2473 days ago

Every lesbian in America (who isn't sporting a Maddow screensaver instead) has stolen this picture. Just so you know. . .

psychjd 2605 days ago

Seeing this pix for the first time months after posting...TOTALLY resembles Cate Blanchett!

mingusman 2698 days ago

I love this hair! Wear it like this on air!

ddhogg 2720 days ago

Stunning, and I love the enigmatic smile...a bedhead Mona Lisa

orbitaldiamonds 2721 days ago

You have the cutest bedhead. :D

rehcmh 2722 days ago

Even though glamorous Ana @ prom is hawt, this is the look we know & love.

lktappshb 2722 days ago

awesome pic, lol. Ana Marie you are the best twitterer by far!!

nothinbettah2do 2722 days ago

Bed head!!

TwstdFishy 2722 days ago

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to look that hot during any daylight hour.

lclboy 2722 days ago

redhead-bedhead.....who gives a damn!! True redhead?? HOT!!

catawu 2722 days ago

Don't be fooled. She worked on that look all night.

rugby8 2722 days ago

damn there's that great bed head again!!! luv it.

rblacher 2723 days ago

LOL @ "a satisfied woman" tweet below. Do you mean 'cause the wonkette got her nerd-starf**k fix at #nerdprom or what may have happened with the mysterious Chris. Anyway, Ana Marie gives great tweet!

dadofdavid 2723 days ago

Day-yum. Just day-yum. Fan27

puxxled 2723 days ago

The only reason I took to Twitter: pictures like this one.

wayneasa 2723 days ago

A satisfied woman.

tfrnk 2723 days ago

Ahhh, post-#nerdprom's all downhill from here...

AlHazred 2723 days ago

RE: #nerdprom article: "Media heavy-hitters included... Ana Marie Cox..." Congrats on being a heavy-hitter! Must be that "power of the intarwebs" stuff! Glad to see it didn't go to your head, so to speak!

geoff9cow 2723 days ago

ahhhh, the sunday morning power duuuuu! g9c

billneufeld 2723 days ago I remember where we met!