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Tough Enough host...Shark wrangler. aka Stone Cold Steve Austin Broken Skull Ranch, Texas

Me, Danny Trejo, and spaghetti. Machete is one bad dude...

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1904 days ago

Me, Danny Trejo, and spaghetti. Machete is one bad dude...


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Viperella316 1904 days ago

Great pic! I see two very badass dudes here

SHARKVsWrasslin 1904 days ago

Machete don't spaghetti

MelindaBlue 1904 days ago

The real fight scene started after Danny discovered that was the last plate of spaghetti.

BigTimeBroski 1904 days ago


TheTetrodox 1904 days ago

The sheer amount of badass in this pic is too great.

Sloangirl911 1904 days ago


poohpooh58 1904 days ago


klyan007 1904 days ago

texus rattle snake with Machete,what a combination

invisablemjcuk 1904 days ago

i meet danny at earls court film comic con in july 2009, i meet steve at a book signing 2004 :)

StillaProspect 1904 days ago

Everything thing must go.Now that would be a great title for a movie with you 2 guys in it :)

anyarodriguez80 1904 days ago

I love Danny Cool as guy

fluteplay 1904 days ago

Ironic that I am dining on the very same thing Bon Appetite you both look great Austin 3:16 : )

fearno11990 1904 days ago

Trejo is the mexican Stone Cold, hahaha....kuz i said

tracylively 1904 days ago

That looks like a really tiny plate of spaghetti, either that or you have really big hands!

Decalescence 1904 days ago

ROFLMAO, I have noticed you have become one hell of a comedian, Bonus Dance Sequence TE ROFL :)

Sonicwarrior1 1904 days ago

Danny's got a good agent...he's in everything.

courtneyhbrt 1904 days ago

Awesome! Steve Austin & Danny Trejo = Kick Ass Combo! The spaghetti looks great to!

dehlia666 1904 days ago

Are you still in Vancouver?

The_Lovely_One_ 1904 days ago

A trifecta of badassness!!!!

BeerSlayer863 1904 days ago

That's a bad ass combo right there! The spaghetti is a decent sidekick too I guess.