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Outside the men's room at #MIT Who wants a doctorate in my pants?  I like the smarties!!

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2111 days ago

Outside the men's room at #MIT Who wants a doctorate in my pants? I like the smarties!!


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bsbpyt 2109 days ago

go for it!

Bekahsbabydaddy 2111 days ago

Kathyyyyyy!!!! While in Cambridge you should visit CuchiCuchi restaurant!!! You. Will. Love it!!!

TheBedKeeper 2111 days ago

Ah shucks, ! You went and spoiled my school boy (m)antasy....oh well..... :)

DaveCombs72 2111 days ago

Damn,i'd like to walk out of the restroom with your hot ass stalking the door!You look great Kathy

kenmhaggerty 2111 days ago

HOW DID I MISS YOU??? Ahhh :( And 7-107 is the room number.

TheBedKeeper 2111 days ago

What does the 7-107 MEN on the door mean? is that the body count in there? :P

mysteryj33914 2111 days ago

Find yourself a genius and maybe it will rub off on you. Just keep rubbing.

OhHelloSugar 2111 days ago

Hot nerds? Hell yes! I'll split one with you. ;p

BobCounihan 2111 days ago

How did you get through the force field that keeps the "normals' out? LOL

Oneoliner 2111 days ago

Out and about applying science...

romaniju 2111 days ago


Ibleedblue2009 2111 days ago

Don't have too wide a stance Senator.

waynejones1955 2111 days ago

You are crazy . But I love you.

Ibleedblue2009 2111 days ago

Maybe a Masters in Psych

Geosphotos 2111 days ago

Bad Ginge! No doctorate! Oh, the door is that wide for certain senators with a "wide stance" FYI.

gnuman1979 2111 days ago

why is that door so wide?Hmmmm

SirBenBourne 2111 days ago

Well i'm not surprised, you always been a naughty girl.