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Hope whoever ran up this astounding Vegas club bill enjoyed that Red Bull:

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1207 days ago

Hope whoever ran up this astounding Vegas club bill enjoyed that Red Bull:


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BellaSmilesLV 1188 days ago

NOT FAKE. This was Don Johnsons tab. He drops way more than that all the time.

AnthonySBE 1195 days ago

This is not altered. I know the busser that took this picture. This is a once a week things here.

maxcuban 1204 days ago

error analysis indicates that this is photoshoped

cxi 1205 days ago

Definitely... will continue to host my own parties with my own bartenders and not 'club' prices :)

fujiaq 1205 days ago


mulloyo 1206 days ago

I can't believe they charge 2,500 for a bottle of Veuve and can't even spell it.

Terry_tkw 1206 days ago

Great advertising for what Vegas restaurant to avoid. 8.00 for Pellegrino and Figi water? Talk about excess.

ShaneBeckim 1206 days ago

I don't care how expensive the items are that you're serving, there is nobody worth a $30k tip.

daveblumberg6 1206 days ago


chrisyoungjd 1207 days ago

Looks about right for summer partying in Vegas...Lots of Middle Eastern money rolling through!

ChuanpitrK 1207 days ago

Exorbitant is the word! #FYI 1 Red Bull (180 ml) in Thailand costs less than 50 cents a can lolz!

TheWizardofBOD 1207 days ago

I drank that Red Bull, and it wasn't as good as the Dom.

OtherJackMcCoy 1207 days ago

Here's an analysis from Image Error:

vaxt 1207 days ago

Doesn't look 'shopp'd to me; I zoomed in, all the digits look distinct.

JakeCoal1 1207 days ago

Yes this is photoshopped. JR is right. Remove this pic as this isn't real.

JR503PDX 1207 days ago

This is all photo shopped. If you save the pic as a file and zoom in you will notice all they did was copy and paste numbers. Plus they poorly deleted things off.

MochisMommy 1207 days ago

This is insane.... O_O

Alliedelury 1207 days ago

The tip alone is what many people make in a year's salary #vegas

antonios1984 1207 days ago

you think he will make it 189380 or 190000? :D

mikederosa82 1207 days ago

How shady is that? 25k for 15L of Veuve vs 850 for DomP 2k. Paying more p/bottle for shit veuve