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This works much better than a sign that says “Do Not Disturb.”

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2036 days ago

This works much better than a sign that says “Do Not Disturb.”


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Angeldahottest 2029 days ago

Wow!Thats all i got to say.Wow!

Teeorme 2030 days ago

I do agree with mauie3. He is indeed do have strong ARMS which holding him up without a chair. :)

guest2132659 2033 days ago

THE WAY TO HEAVEN, Go to http://tiny.cc/4536231236176432198432124 (-:

luhs2toddy 2033 days ago

lol wtf B]

moonwolfegirl 2035 days ago

I feel bad for the doorknob.

JaySharky 2035 days ago

Now I know why some parents call their kids "monkeys."

aunick911 2035 days ago

dis is da best way to go back ! http://twitpic.com/4wxyvi

aunick911 2035 days ago

may be he's tryin to see throu da key hole.

Sweetbamj 2035 days ago

Wow wonder how long he will last on the door?

mauie3 2035 days ago

this kid mus have strong arms :)

juniea7 2035 days ago

This is so fuuuuny..and so cute!!!

EponineAngell 2036 days ago

So Cute!

matshayaS 2036 days ago

lol so much more effective!!

Balzgal 2036 days ago

(Lil) (You) Hahahaha I'm. NOT Drunk! TFF! ;))

Balzgal 2036 days ago

LOL Spidey! Determined--Uou Think He Succeeded?! €)

Luvly_Bonez 2036 days ago

Where's He Going?? LOL~ So Sweet

Keffstar_DS 2036 days ago

Ahhh...door knobs made from candy. Either that or the kid's just powered out a rocket-fuelled fart

DannyNegroul 2036 days ago

hahaha! Nice!))

deflepchic 2036 days ago

could you see all these lined up at on a hotel floor?..lol

MarthaCourier 2036 days ago

My four-yr.-old just looked at this pic and said, "That's how it's done right there, mommy."