Solaseed Air, the new brand and livery for Skynet Airways of Japan. 

According to the airline, the new brand “’Solaseed’ is a play on words.  In Japanese, it sounds like ‘So La Si Do’, the part of the music scale that comes after “Do Re Me…”, so it will remind the people of Japan of a catchy and happy refrain, and it’s ‘on the way up’!  ‘Seed’ represents new life, vitality, strength and momentum.  ‘Sola’ is also the Japanese word for ‘sky’, so we aspire to be the airline that will sow the seeds of happiness and a smile across the sky, as we bring people and places closer together.

The fresh, pistachio green of our logo, and the color highlights and patterns of our interior trim, symbolize youth, energy and growth.  They also represent the beautiful natural landscape of Kyushu – the island on which our hometown is located – as well as evoking the unique gardens of Japan.”