Julius Sello Malema


I am Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981, in Seshego), a South African politician, and the president of the ANCYL.

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1839 days ago


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patshaza 1830 days ago

hahahahahaha im glad i voted ANC...this is some crazy isht

t5h3p0 1830 days ago

Aaaaah This is Crazy Man.

AngelicCreation 1838 days ago

Ur ridiculous,Ur supposed 2 b a role model bt manupulate ur own.U werent even born yet wen apartheid was happening...GET OVER IT !!! I vote DA& have black friends who agree!

pctew 1838 days ago

the race thing is already tired...

dev_kane 1838 days ago

You undermine the South African people by assuming they will fall for cheap tricks like this.

ITypeUReadZA 1838 days ago

Controversy is your job, need it for the fancy bank balance, car, cloths, diet and parties, yawn.

ITypeUReadZA 1838 days ago

Is one of them Julius, if so not a bad idea, he clearly needs the exercise.

Kganya 1838 days ago

Funny pic, ONLY THE FORMERLY oppressed would understand The race thing is eventually going to get tired though...

DonovanHodgman 1838 days ago

Using this as propaganda seems like such a dumb-ass thing to do. It hardly looks like anybody is being tortured. I agree that some f!@# up s#@ happened in our past, but these are kids that are playing together.

Tankita 1838 days ago

Seriously this is how little you think of "your people". Intimidation is against the LAW IDOIT

francoismeyer 1838 days ago

Propoganda: "A form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself."

ADGreenhill 1838 days ago

A better life for all it says - bottom right.
Wonder when this will be as nothing seems to change..

At least the the DA has brought people from every race working together.
Little can be said about ANCYL who just talk about revenge

_Viris_ 1838 days ago

Not everyone thinks about race mate.Could post a pic of men riding women with the same text

landoftheblacks 1838 days ago

great pic.Bottom line, we need to destroy 'willing-buyer'.and next, the voortrekker monument.

AfrikaMonate 1839 days ago

History will always repeat itself. This happened on the fields of a university in the free state and the perpetrators went away with a slap o the wrist. It seems that black lives are seen as unimportant enough to inspire rebuke when it is due. The ANC, my

JeffRamotsi 1839 days ago

This is True!! I crew up @ the farm, I was ones a Victim of being Humuliated by Smallernyana Broer Seun's, I won't go back I cast. MY VOTE FOR THE PARTY THAT MAKES ME TO BE EQUAL WITH THOSE WHO USED TO PUNISH ME, I VOTE FOR ANC, the party that gives me a

Tumelo_Tmak 1839 days ago

ahahaha, this is wrong but still funny

jayntoh 1839 days ago

Helen Zille is definately not gettin my black vote I think all black ppl in DA r jc used assholes like impimpi ze apartheid regime** ANC